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“San Diego's Mid-Term Rental Experts”

Welcome to Star Pacific Management, your trusted experts in mid-term rental property management in San Diego, CA.







We offer unparalleled knowledge and expertise in the field.

Why Us?

Backed by our commitment to excellence, transparency, and tenant satisfaction, Star Pacific Management is here to simplify property management for you…



Industry Presence

As the largest mid-term furnished rental management company in San Diego, with ownership of over 140+ units, we bring unmatched credibility and reliability to our clients.


Proven Experience

With over two decades of experience, our team of seasoned operators possesses a deep understanding of the market and excels in delivering exceptional results.


Market Expertise

Our intimate knowledge of San Diego's rental market allows us to optimize rental prices and maximize returns for our clients.


Marketing Focus

We are a marketing-driven property management firm, dedicated to showcasing your property's full potential and ensuring maximum occupancy.


Discover the Star Pacific Management advantage today and experience peace of mind and superior returns on your investment.

  • Property Marketing

  • Tenant Leasing

  • Rent Collection

  • Tenant Support

  • Property Upkeep

  • Financial Reports

  • Move Out Orientation

  • Tenant Placement Only

Advantages of Mid-Term Rentals


Enjoy longer-term tenants, reducing turnover and ensuring steady income.

Reduced Hassle

Spend less time on turnover, cleaning, and marketing than short-term rentals.

Lower Wear and Tear

Experience less property wear and tear with fewer tenant turnovers.

Consistent Income

Benefit from predictable rental income without frequent fluctuations.

Enhanced Community

Foster stronger tenant relationships and a sense of community with mid-term rentals, leading to longer-term commitments and fewer vacancies

Thrilled Customers Share Experiences

Janice Hall

Clean, cozy and perfect for my stay. Management was awesome—highly recommend.

Male Fashion Model

Luis Ciprian

I signed a 3 month lease, and it was perfect. It had everything I needed, and I was able to get in contact with management easily.

Woman Among Trees

Diana Domingo

Amazing experience. Memo was fantastic and great with communication. If I get a travel contract in San Diego, I will definitely stay here again.


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Discover the Star Pacific Management advantage today and experience peace of mind and superior returns on your investment…

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  • What is a Mid-Term Rental?
    Mid-Term Rentals are considered 30 days or more. Our typical stays average 90+ days.
  • How does Mid-Term Rental management differ from regular property management?
    Mid-term property management consist of ongoing marketing and leasing of furnished rental units to ensure year round occupancy optimizing rental cash flow.
  • How do I know if my rental is Mid-Term rent ready?
    All of our Mid-Term Rentals are fully furnished and stocked with living essentials for everyday use. Please contact us for additional details.
  • How much does it cost to manage my Mid-Term Rental?
    Our general Mid-Term Rental fee ranges from 12-15% of gross monthly rent. Our Mid-Term rentals generally rent out for 20-40% above market rate. Contact us for a customized management proposal.


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